Emily had beautiful plans for her wedding flowers. She knew she wanted sunflowers and she knew she wanted a touch of cream and soft yellows. The gerbera daisies did the job quite nicely. They came in the perfect colors and the shapes really complimented the sunflowers.
Emily wanted to keep the boutineers simple with babies breath. The groom's was set apart, being larger and fuller than the rest. We used "OT" gypsum (which means overtime). It has larger buds than normal babies breath. It all came together for a very simple, elegant wedding.
Photos compliment of Tara Miller Photography


09/01/2015 08:14

Summertime and spring time are the best time for a wedding. During this time, the flowers are blooming once again and the weather is also suitable for an outdoor garden wedding. This is the best time to use flower themes because you will surely be blessed by the sun's delightful rays while you are walking down the aisle on this very special day of your life.

06/08/2016 03:20

Blossoms are images of God's adoration and magnificence on earth as are weddings. The blooms add aroma and shading to the event and are a basic part of any wedding. Indeed, blooms in a way guide your wedding, right from the main candlelight supper, to the proposition, the big day and amid the gathering. If you would like to know about flowers, visit us at lovebyroses.com

07/07/2016 04:13

Sunflowers are looking very nice in her hands and these are very nice shots of them specially when they are kissing. We can see the real happiness in their eyes specially in the eyes of girl.

09/09/2016 02:45

These sessions have been one of my isabel marant sneakers most cherished portraits because .

06/21/2017 03:08

I can just imagine how happy Emily was during her wedding day. She really planned for this, went into details, and finally achieved what she really wanted for her wedding. Sunflower-themed wedding was kind of unique concept but it was visually lovable! If I was there, I would be very happy to see Emily enjoying her very special day! Congratulations to you, Emily!

07/11/2017 13:56

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08/14/2017 01:06

Be happy, guys! Take care of each other! You worth it ;)

09/19/2017 06:47

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