I was so excited when Ciara asked me to do her bridal bouquet because we knew each other from years earlier at BYU. Ciara got married in Arizona but had her bridals done in Utah so I was excited to be a part of her exciting time. Photos by Rachel Lark Photography. See more photos on her Blog.
Ciara had me look at her pinterest to determine what she likes and asked me to customize her arrangement to the style she liked. Based on the pictures she pinned, I knew Ciara had to have stock in her arrangement. The colors were very fresh and springy and I loved the idea of combining different colors of stock in one arrangement. The peach colored garden rose was the perfect thing to combine the tall stalk into a condensed arrangement. 


03/07/2016 06:52

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That new married couple is looking really very nice specially while they kissing. I congratulate them for their marriage and hope they he will always give her smiles like we can see in last photo.

11/06/2016 02:54

Beautiful bride! She's soooo beautiful! Happy for the both!

12/06/2016 03:14

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01/27/2017 00:14

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04/15/2017 02:56

I like look at such happy couples together! Charming photos!


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