This was a Valentine's Day proposal done on the rooftop of a parking garage in Provo, UT. The whole idea was simply whimsical. The pink set up with cake, macaroons, and the final touch of flowers is enough to make any girl's heart melt. Photography by Amber Lynn Photography.


03/07/2016 06:53

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08/24/2016 21:35

Wow what a good decorated the new couple table. Mostly people are given the order for this table and enjoy with your wife. Mostly people chose your place for purpose the girl friend for wedding. Through this beautiful place increase the love between husband and wife.

12/20/2016 23:34

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Wow! If I am the woman who received this kind of love from my boyfriend, I'll really appreciate it and will forever be thankful to my boyfriend. He doesn't have to do it, but he did just because he wants to make me happy for Valentine's day. He's really sweet! By the way, I love the overall idea. Every woman would love to see it too, that's for sure! The photos are amazing!

06/13/2017 03:08

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