Another collaboration with the fabulous Lora Grady. This classic french tea party set up was absolutely jaw dropping. Contrasting the dark raw wood table with very elegant glass and lace brought out a very soft, yet natural feel.

The flowers in this shoot also contrasted similarly. The very elegant and smooth textured flowers were accompanied by more wild and branching foliage. The flowers used in this shoot were: Premium "Ballet" roses, Pink carnations, white, pink, and light lavender stock, and white football mums in the larger arrangements. The arrangements were contrasted with natural foliage from trees.

This enchanted secluded getaway in the forest made for the perfect tea party brunch for the bride and groom.
The raw wood brought out absolutely stunning contrasts of color and lightness in the arrangements as well as the surrounding lace and glassware. 


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I love the concept of this photo shoot; a tea part of the bride and the groom in the middle of the forest! It's wonderful! You succeeded with your aim; which is to let the elegance and charm shine in this pictorial. The flowers are really lovely. This is also a perfect idea for the newly weds! You give your readers a fresh concept! They should be thanking you for this!

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