I'm sure you're wondering where my floral pursuits began. My own wedding was the first documented of my floral creations. Although, I did many friend and family weddings before that.

My husband and I set our wedding date in November, but I was desperately hanging on to a summer wedding. My choice of colors was very much influenced by this and somehow, I thought I could bring summer back through my flowers and decorations. I wanted a very warm and complimentary scheme. Like many fall and winter brides I was disappointed to find out Peonies were out of season during my wedding, but I was quickly comforted when I found many substitute flowers to create the look I wanted.

I love helping brides custom design their wedding to create exactly the style they want. Although I had many very helpful hands, I remember having a hard time finding someone who understood my style and ideas. I wished I had someone who could recognize my taste and go with it so I could worry about the rest of the wedding. This is what I hope to provide for my brides. A trusted service that can match the bride's ideas and take the stress off that special day.

My bouquet included: White football mums, pale pink spray roses, buttons, poms, grey brunia berries, and white ranunculus.