Since moving to Fort Worth, Texas in Tarrant County, LHD has had the opportunity to work with Tarrant Dermatology Consultants on several occasions with flowers. On this particular occasion they were hosting a pink and gold cosmetic party. It was an amazing event with beautiful catered food and drinks and the flowers just topped it off. They were the special touch that really added a high class feel to the party. 
Yes, this was my own pregnancy announcement to my family when they came to visit us in Texas. Fortunately I had my good friend Natalie to step in as a shooter since I needed to be part of the action. I was 8 weeks pregnant and my family was coming for a visit. I really wanted the response to be documented. We planned to get some family pictures while we were together. I figured that would be the perfect opportunity to drop the big news--during the photo shoot. Each person's response was so priceless. We still joke about Eric on the far left who never breaks his model pose through the whole announcement.